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Dr. Jeffrey Tho's Live Webinar 
How To Set And Hit Goals Fast So You Can Win At Life

Are you willing to let 2019 be a repeat of 2018?

It’s the same every year: you list down resolutions, become hopeful. 

Then, as time goes by... before you know it, you’re asking yourself “Where did the year go?” 

Time is moving fast. January is already coming to an end.

Have you figured out how to SET and HIT your GOALS through effective, maintainable and reproducible ways yet?
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What do I mean by this?
it's easy for you to:

  •  Lose Your Sense of Direction: “What am I doing with my life?” you ask yourself. You hear people say, “Follow Your Passion” but you can’t even identify what it is or what path to take to get there.
  •   Procrastinate and Lose Track of Time:  You spend a lot of your time endlessly scrolling through social media. Perhaps you binge watch a series on Netflix. Whatever it is, you just feel like you're not in control of your time -- and it's running out. Fast.

  •  Lose Motivation in What You're Doing: You want to live your best life, but you just feel uninspired and easily tired all the time, and lacking drive and motivation.

  •  Feel Judged By Other People Around You: You inevitably compare yourself to your friends and colleagues -- especially when you see their posts and wins on social media. You easily fall into the trap of thinking you're constantly being judged and they’re living a better life than you.

  •  Feel Overwhelmed: You've got so many things that you need and want to do. But there’s NO structure in what you’re doing. Then, the passion to take action can all fade away - and sometimes it’s before you even get started!
  •   Experience Lack of Fulfillment in Your Work: You've got a job that allows you to make a good living, but at the end of the day, it feels like something's missing


Too many people think that extremely successful people are able to achieve things because it's just "NATURAL" to them... 

or that they're just "LUCKY"

But that's just not true at all. 


Hey, Dr. Jeffrey Tho here.

I’ve seen many people want more in their lives 

...but never actually get started because they DON'T know where or how to start. 

My mission is to help 1 million people live fulfilled lives where they're EXCITED about life, feeling extremely successful, FULFILLED and HUNGRY to be better each day.

I represented Australia in 2 Commonwealth Games, World Championships, and on multiple other tournaments & competitions for over 15 years. 

I have given back to the sport by coaching the younger, up-coming generation of athletes and up to this date, I still help train the Australian National team.

I am also a Australian-trained general dentist. I bought and sold my dental business for a profit in less than 1.5 years.  

Now, I am a business & personal coach, coaching dental business owners and young professionals.

I teach & demonstrate at the University of Melbourne and am the Co-founder of a startup apparel brand, Volant Wear, which is soon to be launched.

Lastly, I am an active investor and developer of real estate
Okay, why am I telling you all of this? 

Because I could’ve easily fallen into the trap myself.

The trap of thinking that I am nothing special and aimlessly compare myself to other people.

So, I took the time to analyze what it was that I did that allowed me to achieve these milestones in sports, academics, business, and life. 

I realised that there is a SYSTEM to it all. 

And the more research that I did, the more I found that the most successful people in the world used these same systems.

That’s why I’m here to share with you the system for your success and owning your time.

So that you can use the same system. 

Especially because you want to live your legacy, NOT just live day-by-day.

Allow me to introduce you to my LIVE WEBINAR: 

Dr. Jeffrey Tho's Live Webinar 
How To Set And Hit Goals Fast So You Can Win At Life

Where I will be telling you about The R.A.P.I.D System. 
This is THE ULTIMATE system that makes sure that you:
  • Discover What It Is That You Really Want

  • Harness The Power of Your Mind To Remove Roadblocks And Achieve Your Goals

  • Get The Winning System To Give You A Straight-Line Path Towards Success

  • Apply The Most Effective Strategies To Make Accelerated Progress

  • Eliminate Procrastination And Best Use The 24 Hours In Your Day
It’s a NO-NONSENSE, PRACTICAL system where I’ll share with you EXACTLY what you need to win at life.

These are the ACTIONABLE steps I followed to reach every single one of my goals.
Most people would tell me, “Jeff, I simply don’t have the time.” or “I don’t know when the right time for me is”

The truth is: There is no right time to take action. 

Imagine if Elon Musk waited for the ‘right time’ to start building his electric car company, Tesla. 

He didn’t wait for electric cars to be popular nor did he wait for the electric car technology to develop. 

Nor did he let his lack of background in the automotive industry become an excuse not to take action. 

He decided that he wanted to help the world transition to greener transportation. He took control of his time

It doesn’t matter if your goal is as simple as losing some weight or as complicated as building a rocket-launching business. 

The point is: You need to take control of your time, otherwise, it will take control of you. 

When I need help improving my mindset so I can tackle and achieve my big bold goals I go to Jeffrey.

Every time I get the opportunity to spend time with him I grow because of the information he shares with me based from his personal experience. 

I would strongly suggest you talk to him if you’d like to develop a winning mindset for success.

- Martin Dai Nguyen
It is very rare to meet someone so intelligent, capable and confident, whilst both sincere and gracious. 

Jeff takes the time to listen and is always happy to provide useful advice which inspires devotion amongst those who meet him. 

His positive energy is very encouraging and drives others to work towards achieving their goals. I feel confident in saying that he is an invaluable asset to any team.
- Laura Suddaby
January 29th, 2019
7:00 pm AEDT (Melbourne)
Only 100 Spots
Jeff's determination for success and happiness has given me courage to take control of my own life and to shoot for the stars.

- Erica Pong
Jeff helped me to gain insights that I had never thought of and allowed me to better understand my relationship with self-improvement, success and money.

- Mario Smith

January 29th, 2019

7:00 pm AEDT (Melbourne)

Only 25 Spots

Ready for a lasting change? 
Reserve your spot below while it lasts. 

Frequently Asked Questions/Remarks

“I know I can do anything, but why does it seem like I can’t get myself to succeed in  anything?”

You and I live in a world where we are flooded with A LOT of choices. There are so many decisions to be made. You are making a million of them per day. To make any significant accomplishment, you NEED to reprogram your mind and build up discipline. 

I’ll be teaching you a STEP-BY-STEP program to become more productive across many disciplines. This is the exact process I followed to achieve success in sports, business and my career. 

“But Jeff, even if I know which goals to set, why can’t I follow through?”

Don’t worry. The value I’ll provide to you doesn’t end with you just listening to me through your screen. I want to give you REAL RESULTS. So, I’m going to help you be more accountable for your goals. 

Just show up at the webinar (Save it in your calendar/ set an alarm!) and you’re already taking a huge step ahead to getting the life you want. 

“Why is this webinar free? Will I get actual value?”

I’m only accepting as much as 25 people only for this event. Why? Because I want to be able to give each attendee the right amount of attention and focus needed to succeed. 

With the number of people who have already benefited from the EXACT system I teach, you can bet webinars like this WILL NOT be free for long. 

“How will this webinar work?”

All you need to do is to show up at the time and date specified. That’s January 29th, 2019
7:00 pm AEDT (Melbourne). 

Show your commitment to your goals by making sure you save the event on your calendar! 

“How much does this training cost normally?”

I’ve done training similar to this for as much as $1000 per person. Remember, I only want a few people who truly want to make REAL improvements in their life. 

This is not some band-aid solution or another item on your to-do list. It’s a lasting system that you can use for the rest of your life.  

Dr. Jeffrey Tho is a great mentor, always willing to go the extra mile to share his knowledge and expertise. Working with him has given me the confidence to aspire towards greater goals. Would highly recommend working with him!

- Sandra Chee
Working with Jeffrey has been absolutely great, he’s the coach that can help you see and get you where you want to be.

If you want to push your limits, he’s your coach!

- Hugh Japney
When it comes to being an achiever there are loads of people that claim to being successful in achieving their goals, however I have seen Jeff make it happen for himself and others. Being able to represent Australia for Commonwealth Games is no an easy feat and at the same time excelling in other avenues like academics and investments is exceptional. Jeff is not only unique in achieving goals for himself but his success system is a life-changing system that is easy to follow and will make a difference in any person’s life. 
- Sandeep Singh
I could not have a more experienced and trustworthy advisor in my time of need. Jeff has assisted me in many facets of my life, he has profound knowledge and was able to steer me in the right direction when seemingly impossible problems cropped up - whether it be personal or in my career.

 At the same time, he was also quick to point out the right actions and decisions I had to make.

- Josef Sutrisna
Jeff is the person to teach you about personal development and he has an outstanding resume of achievements to demonstrate it. Everything that he says comes from a wealth of experience and he’s the one you need on your team if you’re serious about being successful.
- Henry Wong
I’ve known Jeff for over 15 years and he’s been consistently been able to set and achieve goals at will. If you’re looking for strategies to be an achiever then I’d highly recommend that you see him at his live events.

- Saliya Gunaratne

January 29th, 2019

7:00 pm AEDT (Melbourne)

Only 25 Spots

P.S - If you just read to the bottom of this page ... I'm giving you The R.A.P.I.D System that I developed specifically for hitting all of your goals for FREE… it has brought me more success than I could have ever imagined. If you want lasting success in your life, you need to reserve NOW
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